Thursday, May 15, 2008

In their wisdom the powers-that-be down at Grosvenor Crescent have decided that the Scottish Episcopal Church needs car stickers. Most of the cars driving around these parts have some sort of sticker on them.

Give us car stickers or give us death!

When I first moved to Penicuik I figured that there was a very popular Scottish Liberal Democrat named Arnold Clark running for election. Turns out that this is only the car retailer after all and people seem willing to advertise their car salesman without demanding a discount which seems very un-Scottish.

Anyway - we in the SEC now have a bumper sticker and it's more or less what appears at the top of the page. I couldn't find an online copy of the original anywhere so I threw this together as a reasonable facsimile.

It's not a sterling demonstration of Evangelical mojo. No strong language here, that's for sure. Still, it's all true. If you show up we will, in fact, welcome you, your children, your weekly envelope, your helpfulness in helping to paint the church and, in a moment of weakness or stupidity, your willingness to serve as a lay representative to Diocesan Synod.

Is it the best we can do? How about this?

Or even these

last one - I promise



Anonymous said...

sheer genius

fr dougal said...

magnifique! Where can I buy them?

Anonymous said...

absolutely brilliant! I love the last one!

Pencefn said...

The previous comments say it all - any more?

BooCat said...

As a member of the American Episcopal Church my bumper sticker reads: "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You, the Anglican Communion . . .not so much."

AnneDroid said...

Hahahahahaha. Totally hilarious. Well done.

(Bumper stickers, eh? Cutting edge, you guys. We in the Church of Scotland have such a long way to go. Our "motto" is "nec tamen consumebatur" (it was not however consumed - the words are wrapped round a burning bush). I'm not sure that sticking that on a car bumper sticker would enlighten Joe Public one bit).